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December 2009
2 more sentenced for marriage fraud
A federal judge sentenced a Cozad woman to probation for a sham marriage so the man, a Mexican citizen, could stay in the U.S. legally.…read more

November 2009

County Employees Involved in Sham Marriage Scam, Feds Say
Five current or former county workers are among 10 people with Chicago connections indicted in an alleged scam to arrange sham marriages.…read more

October 2009

6 Posed as Abuse Victims to Get Rent Subsidies, Officials Say
This story isn’t about immigration fraud, but it goes to show what lengths some people will go in order to receive a benefit. These women lied about domestic violence to get cheap rent. Do you think that there are immigrants that would lie about domestic violence to get a green card?…read more

Owner of Thai Ginger admits to immigration fraud – paying people to ‘marry’ her relatives
Varee Bradford, 44, owner of the Thai Ginger chain of restaurants, pleaded guilty Friday afternoon in U.S. District Court in Seattle to Conspiracy to Commit Immigration Fraud, and three counts of Fraud Relating to Immigration Documents.…read more

Marriage scam busted
A Russian woman who married a Jackson resident in 2007 will be deported after serving about two months in a federal prison for evading immigration laws through marriage fraud…read more

Soldier, ex-soldier plead guilty to marriage fraud
A Fort Bragg soldier and a former soldier pleaded guilty Tuesday to entering into fake marriages with Russian women to move off post and legitimize the women’s immigration status.…read more


July 2009

What Has Happened To VAWA?
Interesting article by an immigration attorney who has seen clients denied their self-petitions. He states “Congress should amend the law to make enforceable the right of battered wives to leave their abusive husbands, by providing for judicial review, to compel bureaucrats to follow the law instead of their prurient curiosities.” We feel citizens should have the right to judicial review when immigrant spouses make false claims of abuse! …read more

June 2009

Immigration ‘Widow Penalty’ and Immigration Fraud
My concern was that so many politicians are obviously seeking all sorts of ways of bending the immigration laws to make it impossible to enforce the immigration statutes from within the United States. I fear that in order to spare the several hundred widowed conditional immigrants the possibility of being removed from the United States that the Congress would enact legislation that would remove the two year conditional immigrant status for all aliens who acquire their lawful immigrant status through marriage to a United States citizen or lawful immigrant.…read more

Will Congress End the Immigration ‘Widow Penalty’?
It was bad enough that Natalia Goukassian, then 21, had to spend her honeymoon in June 2006 in West Palm Beach, Fla., helping her husband Tigran find alternative treatments for connective tissue sarcoma, an aggressive cancer, or that six months later, the Air Force-enlisted man, 21, succumbed to the disease. But as it turned out, her painful ordeal had only just begun. While the Veteran Affairs Department deemed the Russian immigrant (not yet a legal resident) eligible for surviving-spouse benefits, immigration officials at Homeland Security took a very different view. …read more

Janet Napolitano Announces She Won’t Enforce Anti-Marriage Fraud Measure
It’s bad enough that for the eight years of the Bush administration, many Bush U.S. Attorneys let ICE agents know they wouldn’t prosecute marriage fraud cases.…read more

May 2009

Ex-lawyer sentenced for role in marriage scam
A former lawyer and Filipino-American community leader was sentenced Monday to three years of probation with six months of home detention after admitting that he helped arrange a phony marriage between clients…read more

April 2009

Ex-FBI trainee nets 1-year term in marriage fraud case
A former FBI trainee and Navy sailor was sentenced Tuesday to one year in federal prison after admitting she arranged a phony marriage to get quick citizenship…read more

March 2009

Court Allows Fraud Conviction for Lying to Obtain Green Card
Possession of authentic immigration documents obtained by means of false statements is a criminal act, the Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals clarified yesterday.…read more

January 2009

RYAN NICKLAUS WILLIAMS, 28, of Puyallup, Washington was sentenced today in U.S. District Court in Tacoma to 37 days in jail with credit for time served, 100 hours of community service, four months of electronic home monitoring, and three years of supervised release for the crime of Conspiracy to Commit Visa Fraud. …read more