What Are Some of The Common Signs That I May Be a Victim?

2) What are some of the more common signs that I may be a victim of immigration fraud?
a. Your spouse hides his/her internet use from you, or won’t use the computer with you around.
b. Your spouse is visiting dating sites.
c. Your spouse keep secrets about who phone conversations are with.
d. Your spouse avoids physical contact with you. Your spouse frequently “has a headache” when it comes to intimacy. Your spouse makes excuses for this. You feel more like roommates than you do a married couple.
e. Your spouse is trying to gain control of your finances and your assets, but surprisingly has a separate bank account. Your spouse wants access to your assests, but does not want the responsibilities for your liabilities.
f. Your spouse tries to provoke confrontations with you, over seemingly trivial things.
g. You have an unexplained feeling that your spouse wants you to become physical.
h. Your spouse calls 911 after a verbal argument, and complains of physical abuse.
i. Your spouse tells family, friends, and neighbors stories of physical abuse.
j. Your spouse begins talking to a women’s shelter.
k. A great resource for more information on some of these signs is GREEN CARD HUNTERS.