How can this Happen? Isn’t marriage fraud illegal?

3) How can something like this happen? Isn’t marital fraud illegal?
a. Foreign born spouses familiar with US Domestic violence laws and VAWA know that a claim of abuse insures free legal assistance invoking federal laws prohibiting their removal from the US.
b. As false allegations are made, the police are mandated to arrest the alleged abuser, without any physical evidence. Immigration laws rely on reported abuse and arrest, not court outcomes. Immigration laws were modified which prevent the unsuspecting American Citizen from proving immigration fraud.
c. Existing immigration laws make it easier for scammers to receive US Citizenship at an accelerated rate, and receive State financial aid during the processing of their Self-Petition.
d. Deceiving an unsuspecting American Citizen looking for a life mate is a very profitable business. Immigration advocacy groups and immigration attorneys are funded by VAWA, which is funded by the federal government.($3.6 Billion authorized in 2005)