Tips for Writing Letters to Government Agencies or Officials?

Page 6

6) Do you have any tips for writing letters to different government officials and agencies?
Always cover yourself, and have documentation and copies of all correspondence regarding your situation. Here are some suggestions:
a. Always send a letter via registered and certified mail (USPS).
b. Pick up a Return Receipt label in advance from the post office. Include the tracking number in the subject line of your letter.
c. Make a copy of that letter that you signed and have both notarized prior to mailing it. Keep this copy in a safe place, such as a safety deposit box or at a friend’s house.
d. Keep the USPS tracking receipt with the copy of your letter. Once you receive delivery confirmation on the USPS website, print it. This is in case you do not receive the official USPS receipt back.
e. Include copies of your evidence.
f. Be careful with your wording in your letter. Do not write in an angry or insulting tone and avoid rhetoric. Stick to the facts and write professionally. Present your evidence. Do not demean your spouse. You want to be firm without sounding like you are out of control. Be specific in your request, without being demanding. Appeal to their emotions. This is especially important in regards to communication to the USCIS.