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Here are some FAQs that should be helpful in your situation!

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1) What exactly is marriage immigration fraud?
Marriage immigration fraud is defined as the act of marrying an individual with the sole purpose of immigrating to …read more

2) What are some of the more common signs that I may be a victim of immigration fraud?
a. Your spouse hides his/her internet use from you, or won’t use the computer with you around.
b. Your spouse is visiting dating sites.
…read more

3) How can something like this happen? Isn’t marital fraud illegal?
a. Foreign born spouses familiar with US Domestic violence laws and VAWA know that a claim of abuse insures free legal assistance invoking new federal laws prohibiting their removal from the US.
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4) I am a victim! What should I do now?
a. Get a good divorce attorney! If you can afford it, get a good immigration attorney too.
b. Do not confront your spouse regarding your suspicions. Do not speak to mutual friends about your suspicions. Talk to your lawyer!
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5) I thought VAWA was a domestic law to help abused women. How does it apply to immigration?
The Violence Against Women Act of 1994 was originally introduced in 1990. It was drafted by Sen. Joseph Biden’s office with support from The National Organization of Women and Legal Momentum. It was signed into law in August of 1994 as a part of the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1994, with the help of outspoken advocates around the country…read more

6) Do you have any tips for writing letters to different government officials and agencies?
Always cover yourself, and have documentation and copies of all correspondence regarding your situation. Here are some suggestions:…read more

7) I’m afraid that my spouse may take our child out of the country. What can I do?
The State Department has helpful information on “Guarding Against International Parental Child Abduction”