Reports and Studies

CSI Consulting And Investigations
CSI Consulting and Investigations was formed on January 2, 2009 by John N. Sampson, a recently retired ICE agent in an effort to assist American citizens who have become victimized not only by cold and calculating foreign national brides, but by the “system” itself.
Resources for Understanding Immigration Fraud

Respecting Accuracy in Domestic Abuse Reporting

SAVE: Stop Abusive and Violent Environments
The mission of SAVE is to improve the effectiveness of our nation’s approach to solving the problem of domestic violence through education, training, and awareness programs.

Men’s News Daily
Your Daily Dose of Counter-Theory | Men’s Rights Activism, MRA Politics, Analysis, Commentary and Global News

F.I.R.E. Coalition
Federal Immigration Reform and Enforcement Coalition

Federation for American Immigration Reform
Restoring Common Sense to America’s Immigration System

Americans for Legal Immigration
Tired of illegal immigration? Americans for Legal Immigration PAC ALIPAC has formed to address the disparity between the public’s desire for more control of illegal immigration and the actions of lawmakers.

Center for Immigration Studies
The Center for Immigration Studies is an independent, non-partisan, non-profit research organization founded in 1985. It is the nation’s only think tank devoted exclusively to research and policy analysis of the economic, social, demographic, fiscal, and other impacts of immigration on the United States.

Russian Detective
RUSSIAN DETECTIVE is very concerned with the growth in numbers of scams related to romances with women from the Former Soviet Union, and is trying to increase awareness of this problem.

National Meditation Center
Our web site has prevented 10 scams this year, scams that we know of, and helped many others. We’re contacted by men all over the nation who have been scammed. It’s estimated that 70% of the marriages with Philippine women are fraudulent, causing American men a lot of suffering.
False Allegations ~ False Accusations ~ Recovered Memories

Romance Scams
The Official Romance Scams Website