Type of fraud: marriage, VAWA /false allegations

Did immigrant receive special coaching from Legal aid centers or dv shelter– Yes. The Director of legal services at a VAWA connected women’s shelter helped file Protection orders.

Overview of alleged fraud– The American victim alleges he was  “constantly and systematically being falsely accused” by his spouse and the Director of Legal Services of a Washington state women’s shelter in attempts to secure her immigration status under the Violence Against Women Act.  The spouse tried to bolster her case by “ inflicting bruises and red transitory marks” prior to filing legal actions. The American victim has suffered terrible abuse and stated “I lost my house, one of my cars. I almost lost my life in this process…. Most important of all I have lost a great deal of my oldest daughter’s childhood and …younger daughter infancy”. The victim has served his country honorably for 20 years, and as a truck driver in Iraq he “wondered if he would make it back alive”. Now he feels he has lost almost everything because of VAWA.


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